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The Justuff League

Dec 31, 2019

Travis, James and Kevin are talking about the top auction records of 2019 and what leads to these record breaking auctions. Learn more about some of the stunning record breakers in modern art and pop culture. 


- Jeff Koons and his highest earning record set for a living artist
- Claude Monet and his record...

Dec 24, 2019

Travis, James and Kevin are revisiting some of their favorite guests, topics and stories of 2019, but not before they discuss how much they still hate cruise art and Travis wonders about the black market and serial killer art.

Hosted by Travis Landry, James Supp and Kevin Bruneau 

Dec 17, 2019

Travis, Kevin and James are talking about the niche world of holiday collectibles... What do people to collect to commemorate the holidays, and more importantly (to Travis at least), is it worth anything? Additionally, James really doesn't like the Elf on the Shelf. 


- Vintage Christmas trees and the...

Dec 10, 2019

Travis, James and Kevin are discussing the art of bronzes and why they are an important part of the antiques world. Travis fears Bronze Disease, James puts on his metalsmith hat and Kevin sells a bronze doorstop for an ungodly amount of money. 


- Bronze in modern settings
- The thinner the copper the better? 

Dec 3, 2019

Travis, James and Kevin are talking all things TCG... Especially the big three Trading Card Games - Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon and Yugioh. Learn more about this nostalgia driven market and get to know more about how this market came to be in the 90s and early 2000s. 


- Beta and Alpha Black Lotus