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The Justuff League

Jun 25, 2019

Travis, James and Kevin welcome on Jared, a close friend of Travis and one of the most informed Transformers collectors in the fandom. Hear more about how Jared met a young Travis hustling deals on the convention room floor, how Michael Bay has most definitely adversely impacted the franchise and which Transformers...

Jun 18, 2019

Travis, James and Kevin are gaining some Instant Ancestors in this weeks episode! Learn more about why people collect old family portraits of people they don't even know, the many fashions in which these portraits were done and what it may have said about the status of the family. In true Justuff fashion, several...

Jun 11, 2019

Travis, James and Kevin are talking about the surprisingly lucrative and frustrating market of Bootlegs. Learn about what can make a bootleg MORE valuable than the genuine article and the ridiculous lengths people will go through to replicate toys, paintings, bronze and porcelain. 


- Pink Stormtroopers
- The...

Jun 4, 2019

Kevin and the guys recently acquired a large vintage camera collection spanning over 4,000 total pieces, so he needed to call in the experts for help! James brings in his friend, Dr. Russ Young, to dig help sort through the piles of vintage cameras and talk about his career devoted to photography. 


- Obscure...