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The Justuff League

Feb 25, 2020

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Travis, James and Kevin are talking the tricky world of sports memorabilia and autographs... What drives the value of specific items and signatures? Does any one sport fetch higher values than the others? 


- Tom Brady cleats sell at auction
- Jeff Gordon tires

Feb 18, 2020

Travis, James and Kevin are talking the tedious but essential practice of shipping and freighting. Learn more about the art of packing, small to big, from the guys handling shipping for a multi-million dollar auction house. 


- Making your package bounce
- Most difficult things we've ever shipped
- Shipping...

Feb 11, 2020

Travis, James and Kevin get into the Valentine's Day spirit with a conversation on objects of affection. Travis wonders if this market really even exists as James and Kevin explain to him objects of affection for romance versus other relationships.


- Victorian Era Valentine's Day cards 
- Vintage perfume...

Feb 4, 2020

Travis, James and Kevin are discussing Customized Collectibles - and more importantly, are they worth anything? Don't you lose money on customizing things? And when does that change?


- Customized Toys: Different than Bootlegging
- Gay Empire by SuckLord
- How Reaction action figures got their start in this...