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The Justuff League

Aug 25, 2020

Travis, Kevin and James often talking about how to buy and sell rare items but this week instead turn to talking about displaying their collections! Learn more about protecting your stuff AND making sure you're putting it in the right place as well as illuminating your artwork and a really cool way to display...

Aug 18, 2020

Travis, james and Kevin welcome in their friend Bill Tremblay of Carpet Cleaning Experts to discuss the delicate world of oriental rugs. Bill has a vast knowledge on the origins, market and maintenance and cleaning of oriental rugs. Learn more about how antique rugs influence modern designs and some great advice...

Aug 11, 2020

Travis, James and Kevin welcome their friend Eric Norton of Beckett Media to discuss the hot market of vintage sports cards. Learn more about what drives the prices up, cards to look for and all the ins and outs of getting your cards professionally graded.

Hosted by Travis Landry, James Supp and Kevin Bruneau

Aug 4, 2020

Travis, Kevin and James welcome back JC Parkins, artist and collector, to discuss the new world of online auctions for art and digital gallery exhibitions. With Covid limiting people's ability to travel, Miami, Basel and The Dallas Art Fair have all had to take their events online. 

Are people buying more art online...