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The Justuff League

Sep 29, 2020

With wildfires engulfing much of the west coast, Travis, James and Kevin are discussing how to prepare your collections for natural disasters including flooding, earthquakes, fires and tsunamis. James saves an antique book collection from a Houston flood in an unusual way. Travis has questions about classic sitcoms for...

Sep 22, 2020

Travis, James and Kevin welcome in their teammate and Auction Coordinator Mary-Evelyn Christy about her unique path to the world of antiques and auctioneers. Mary is often referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of Bruneau and Co. and has become invaluable in setting up the auctions from start to finish. Learn more about...

Sep 15, 2020

Travis, Kevin, James and Joel are discussing the weird world of Taxidermy. Why do people taxidermy things in the first place, and just how weird can it get? Travis gets a history less about Napoleon and James sees the Elephant Man. 

Hosted by Travis Landry, James Supp and Kevin Bruneau  

Sep 8, 2020

Travis, Kevin, James and Joel are talking about one of the trickiest parts of owning an auction house... unhappy customers demanding a refund! Who is responsible if an item breaks during shipping? Does it make sense to take shipping in-house or go 3rd party? James loses out on a $12k map and Kevin loses a lion in...

Sep 1, 2020

Travis, James and Kevin welcome in their friend (and new Director of Historic Arms and Militaria for Bruneau and Co.), Joel Bohy! Joel shares his knowledge on how the market has changed in recent years, if there is a market for these items outside of the US and how to break in to collecting. 

Hosted by Travis Landry,...