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The Justuff League

Feb 23, 2021

Travis, James and Kevin welcome back Joel Bohy, Director of Historic Arms and Militaria at Bruneau and Co., to discuss one of his latest projects... researching a 700 lb. bronze cannon of previously unknown origin. Learn more about how this Russian cannon from The Crimean War made its way to Lynn, Massachusetts, how...

Feb 16, 2021

Travis, James, and Kevin are discussing the tricky trends of furniture! Furniture is a strange market that was forever effected by the financial turmoil of 2008 and the guys share their tales of scores in losses in such a turbulent field. Learn more about the 2nd market furniture world, furniture nazis and the time...

Feb 9, 2021

Travis, James and Kevin welcome Kevin's old friend Billy Dawson! With the explosion of GameStop stock thanks to Reddit, there have other effects in other areas in the market including silver trading (Billy's specialty). Learn more about silver price fluctuations, what costs to consider when selling your silver and how...

Feb 2, 2021

Travis, James and Kevin are talking about fossils and endangered species. They share more about their personal stories and experiences with fossils, talk about nice entry level pieces, and sing a lot of songs. It's fun!

Hosted by Travis Landry, James Supp and Kevin Bruneau