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The Justuff League

Jun 6, 2023

In this Justuff Classic, Travis, James and Kevin are talking the wide world of Movie Props! Find out what drives the value of these (sometimes) rare items and all things to consider before investing in some on-screen used props! 


- Blade Runner Pistol sells for 1/4 Million
- How they made Luke Skywalker's...

May 30, 2023

In this special Justuff Rewind Travis, James and Kevin take a trip to the past to give the younger versions of themselves some jumpstart career advice! What advice would you give yourself 20 years ago if you could? With so many unique experiences in the antiques and auction world, the guys certainly have some...

May 23, 2023

In this very special rewind episode, we're going back to January 2021 for a conversation we had with Eric Baker, former Creative Director for Walt Disney Imagineering.

Eric is the brain behind Props and Set Dressing for Star Wars Galaxy's Edge and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and has worked with everyone from...

May 16, 2023

In this special Justuff Rewind episode, and with the upcoming release of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, Travis welcomes his long time Transformer colleting friend Jared to talk about how they met at BotCon almost 15 years back and how Travis got caught up in the Transformers collector world.  

Hosted by Travis...

May 9, 2023

Travis, James and Kevin are back to discuss a question with no right answer across the board... Should you preserve your antiques or should you restore your antiques?  It certainly depends on WHAT the item is, and WHY the market may value that item.  Is the item's functionality inherent to the value of the item?  In the...