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The Justuff League

Feb 28, 2023

Travis, James and Producer Kyle are back to discuss our favorite vintage video games!  What sort of video game systems did we have growing up, and what were the games we couldn't stop playing? And with the recent dip in the vintage game market, what sort of games would we be buying that are still holding value?


Feb 21, 2023

Travis, James and Producer Kyle are chatting all about the cool but easily dampened world of CARDBOARD STANDEES!  Whether it be stuff you see as a display in the store or to the cool standees you see in a movie theater lobby, the boys have a lot to say about them.  


  • An Elvis movie standee worth $16k
  • Young...

Feb 14, 2023

Travis, James and Kevin are back with some updates on still fluctuating comic book market.  With another big piece of the Andy Yanchus collection having gone to auction during New Year's Day comic book auction, Travis reflects on changes to the comic book market, both good and bad.  With some record setting comic book...

Feb 7, 2023

Travis, James and Kevin ARE BACK and they are discussing the ever popular niche of Elvis Presley memorabilia.  Is Elvis memorabilia still relevant today?  And if so, why?  With so many different types of Elvis collectibles, which ones are garbage and which ones are worth looking out for?  And why is Elvis Presley's...